You don’t have to brush your teeth… just the ones you want to keep.

The toothbrush doesn’t remove six months of tartar 30 minutes BEFORE your appointment.

SMILE. Teeth are always in style.

Welcome to Lynn Kids Dental, a pediatric dental practice located conveniently on the main road, in between Blossom and Shepard St. Excellent oral health is essential for a child’s health and development. We are here to help you every step of the way in providing this for your child in order to give them a healthy start in life.

At Lynn Kids Dental, we are committed to making your child’s first dental visit comfortable and enjoyable. We always encourage the parents to join us during treatment so they can be part of the experience.

Prevention is our number one goal. As part of my practice, We encourage parents to get highly involved in this process. Maintaining good oral hygiene and good dietary habits, ensuring regular dental check-ups and an assessment to the exposure to adequate levels of fluoride; these are but a few of the preventative measures that are emphasized during the critical years of your child’s growth. Our goal of prevention extends to recording and monitoring your child’s bite in order to identify any particular needs in a timely fashion. There are many factors that, if considered during the growth process of a child’s dentition, can help minimize problems with the bite later in teenage years.

Our office only uses amalgam-free fillings and digital radiography.

We see children of all ages at our office, from infants to teenagers. We also have a lot of experience in treating patients with special needs.

Our practice and staff strive to make this experience one that your child will look forward to. We endeavor to make the visit fun and rewarding. I have no doubt that your child’s path to optimum dental health starts here at Lynn Kids Dental. Let us be part of your children’s pediatric health until they are off to college.